Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

Effective date: June 30, 2019

This is a personal information collection statement under the HK SAR’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“the Ordinance”), PRC Cyber Security Law and Notice on Carrying out Special Rectification Work for App Infringement of User Rights and Interests.

1. Purpose of Collection

The personal data provided by you to OnePi (“OnePi”) during registration to use the application and platform will be used by for the following purposes:

During Use of the App

  • • As basis of account registration to application;
  • • Usage of Camera function to create media content or select media content for social media posting;
  • • Managing smart contract agreements with SMEs / Brands sponsors;
  • • Identifying activities to execute payments, rewards and incentives both in fiat currency or crypto loyalty points / consumer voucher as per smart contracts
  • • Studies and activities at OnePi and other institutions;
  • • Verifying user identity and social media engagement records;
  • • Conducting statistical analysis, research, surveys, quality assurance and review;
  • • Facilitating communications between you and the SMEs / Brands in the OnePi ecosystem;
  • • Register officially as a KOL, Micro Influencer or Content Creator with profile to be published in the OnePi Platform Marketplace;
  • • Receiving feedback from user as part testing and using the app;
  • • For transactional and analytical reporting purposes provided to all App users and SMEs / Brands in the ecosystem;
  • • Software Installation list to provide notification for updates;
  • • Other purposes directly relating to any of the above.
  • Upon your registration and activation of your OnePi Account, your personal data provided during the usage will be used as your official activities engagement records. In case you deleted your account, the personal data provided during usage will be disposed of according to regulation reflected in the prevailing policy of OnePi.

    During Transaction via the App

  • • Processing transactions for activities and purchases using the OnePi app;
  • • Processing activities related to publishing content or activities such as engagement in integrated social media or eCommerce platforms;
  • • Managing donations received from fans and followers;
  • • Verifying transactions and tracking purchase transactions of followers to sponsored businesses records;
  • • Conducting statistical analysis, research, surveys, quality assurance and review;
  • • Facilitating communications between you and the SMEs / Brands in the ecosytem and OnePi;
  • • Other purposes directly relating to any of the above.
  • In case of processing transactions through OnePi and its partner institution(s) such as SMEs and Brands in the ecosystem, some of your personal data will be transferred to the partner institution(s) for the above purposes.

    2. Scope of Collection

    You are required to provide your personal data, other than those items indicated as optional. In the absence of your personal data both input from registration form or acquired from public information listed in your social media profile shared by you during signing in on OnePi, we may not be able to execute or process transactions for activities or provide you with payment for the requested activities or services from SMEs and Brands. We collect information through the camera in order to create a seamless user experience. Without it we will not be able to publish content, track followers, publish your profile to the marketplace and pay you commission for sales on the SMEs and Brands transaction online and offline via the OnePi Platform. We collect information on software installation list to ensure we can notify you on latest updates of the app.

    3. Method of Collection

    You acknowledge that the data will be collected upon signing in OnePi with your social media username, camera information, software installation list in which we will collect your publicly disclosed information as to provide a smooth integrated user experience for you to easily post content into the social media platform while be notified of updates. If you decide to be listed in the Micro Influencer marketplace, you will need to provide further personal information for your influencer profile so SMEs or Brands in our ecosystem can search and select your profile for an influencer content job. Your contact information is vital so we can notify you of paid jobs from SMEs or Brands in our ecosystem directly.

    4. Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

    OnePi will keep your personal data confidential and only authorized staff will have access to and handle your personal data. OnePi may transfer or disclose some of your personal data to the following parties within or outside Hong Kong SAR and China solely for the purposes set out in paragraph 1 above.

  • • Reporting development purposes where we have a global team engaged in development of OnePi;
  • • Disclosing Analytic information to SMEs or Brands in the platform ecosystem which can possibly have branches or headquarters or offices overseas;
  • • Agencies, service providers, and contractors engaged in activities on behalf of OnePi
  • OnePi may disclose your personal data when authorized or required by law and in response to requests from law enforcement agencies, government departments or regulatory authorities.

    5. Accesses and Correction of Personal Data

    You have the right to request for access and correction of your personal data held by OnePi. You can update your personal information anytime directly in the OnePi app. You have direct access to review your information and analytics derived from your personal engagement, direct transactions and activities with both your followers and sponsoring SMEs or Brands. During usage, correction of personal data can be performed via the OnePi app profile.

    6. Privacy Policy Statement

    You may click here for the Privacy Policy Statement of OnePi.